A Christmas Present from me to you – The Khekarian Threat free on Kindle (limited time).


Hi Everyone – I hope you all had an excellent Christmas Day with more good stuff to come – If you like science fiction and haven’t yet read The Khekarian Threat, here’s an extra present for you, the book is going out free on Kindle on the 27th December 2013 (USA standard pacific time – midnight to midnight) – currently it’s for one day, but I am hoping to extend that to midnight of the 31st Dec.

All relevant links for the 27th are below.


These links will also be posted on the day and each day (if I can extend the giveaway), I’m just getting in early here and now for those who crack open the 27th before I do (USA time, that is – I’m already there in Aussie time).

On the 27th, go to “The Khekarian Threat” at Amazon (click HERE).

Make sure the giveaway is on – check that the Kindle price is set at $0.00 (not just the free to read price, but the to buy price as well) and click Kindle edition.

For those not familiar with Amazon downloads, after clicking on Kindle edition, look to the right of the screen for the green box with the yellow “Buy this at a single click” orange button. Click that. Don’t worry, if the price was $0.00, you will be charged $0.00.

For those who don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has free Kindle apps for your PC., smartphone, tablet, etc., (click HERE to find the app you want).

That’s it everyone – I’ll talk with you more about it tomorrow.



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