A Break from Blogging – Disappearing from the Net.

With Easter holidays upon us, I am taking a break from blogging for about ten days – this means I am also taking a break from Blogsville.

This does not mean I will be taking a break from writing.


To those I chat with regularly, my sincere apologies for not giving due warning. The decision to take a break was made yesterday, with the following points in mind.

  • Traffic in Blogsville will be lighter over the holidays.
  • It will give me much needed rest from a schedule that has me post something new every day, seven days a week, month in, month out.
  • I will have a clear run with no distractions to work on the manuscript for book 3.

I will catch up with everyone when I get back in.

So, have a great Easter break, everyone, take care and I’ll see you after the holidays.

Cheers to all!



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