A Book is So Exciting – A Series is Even Better!

Every story takes you on a journey. You will know roughly what sort of journey it will be, although you won’t know exactly where you will end up, nor what surprises await you, just that you are guaranteed a journey – The story and characters both might be bumpy or smooth, with twisty curves and great heights, or dead straight and direct – but whoever you meet and however long your journey is, reading a book and delving into worlds, adventures and situations unfamiliar to you is an adventure to be savored.

That, to me, is what makes picking up a book so exciting. You just don’t know what gem you might discover or what lasting impressions it will leave you with.

If you love the action you were thrown into and the people you encountered, then the adventure is even better if it is part of a series. Yes, you enjoyed the ending, the story closed, but there’s more yet and that’s got to be the greatest thing of all – seeing another doorway offering more to discover.

It won’t be the same journey but a new one, and this time you have a clue what the terrain will be like. This time you will be traveling with friends.

That’s my definition of a good book and a good series.


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Happy reading, everybody.

Cheers 😀


2 thoughts on “A Book is So Exciting – A Series is Even Better!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Yes! You got it! 😀 I am the same. I can get excited about a book long before I open it. Totally agree about writing them, too. That was a surprise to me, that the journey of writing could supply such wonderful surprises. It’s worth the effort for that fun alone. Cheers! 😀


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