Competition is still running and will until Monday. The FIRST 4 readers who answer the question (below) correctly WIN an AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK of THE KHEKARIAN THREAT, A 600-page science fiction novel.

The Competition Question is: In Aleisha’s first conversation with a life-form indigenous to the planet, the Zumaridian is concerned because she has an ability that no other Terran has demonstrated. What does he call her? HINT: He uses the term twice, in two different ways of saying it – Either term is correct!

If you think you know the answer, follow this link to the Competition Page and email me your answer! It’s that easy!

The competition will run over the weekend and winners will be announced on Monday (USA – Tuesday here in Australia). If you haven’t already read them, here are the first 4 chapters of The Khekarian Threat, WHERE THE ANSWER IS HIDING:

[Continue reading for links to chapters…]

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