A Bastard in More Ways than One.


Aleisha had no idea what she was walking into. She had been accepted into a team and had finally arrived on one of the wilderness planets at the distant edge of Terran space colonization. It hadn’t occurred to her that there might be danger waiting.

It crashed in on her unexpectedly before she ever met the team. Proximity allowed a psychic connection just as the murder took place. After that, it was just all too late.

Why is it that people think if a psychic doesn’t see everything, that they can’t see anything?! Aleisha is not believed and, in the team itself, her talents are dismissed by everyone except the very person she needs to escape, the very one who brought her here precisely so he could use her – Sturn, a killer, a Khekarian, an exiled prince and a bastard in more ways than one.

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