Really, why not a Reptilian?


When I was a kid watching Star Trek (the original television series), it struck me as odd that planets were always right there and never more than a few days away, that they were often inhabited by people (including beautiful women) who were mammalian and spoke English.

At that time also, like any self-respecting kid, I was deeply interested in paleontology, the study of dinosaurs, those wonderful monsters which sadly met a tragic end. It was only through that cosmic catastrophe did the little mammals step forward and eventually evolve into (among other things) human beings.

So… if reptiles came first naturally, then surely that would happen on other planets, too, hence Zumaridi in The Khekarian Series – and no, let’s get this straight right now, the series is not a sci-fi on a dinosaur world. There are just a lot of reptiles there, some of them quite large (but nowhere near the size of a Diplodocus or a Brontosaurus) and yes, some are dangerous (but there is no Tyrannosaurus Rex), so don’t expect a dinosaur adventure, okay? Good. None of the stories are confined to that planet in any case.

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