The Idyllic Writing Day


For me, a day of no distractions, the phone turned off, the house quiet and the cats sleeping – Outside, some vibrant weather, a good strong wind and a moody sky, dark and low, bringing snow or rain – it doesn’t matter which, because the house is warm, the fire roaring.

To sit. To dream. To play with words on other worlds. To explore. To have fun. There is nowhere I have to be and nothing I have to do, except indulge. My characters talking to me, sharing immediate reaction, sharp, eager responses and a quick wit. Action and dialogue flow.

Chocolate doesn’t feature (shocker!), but coffee does, and later, when the hours have gone and the night is closing in, a drink or two of port will wind down the day very nicely. Heck – it’s my fantasy – that port might smooth out the late afternoon as well, especially if the promising thunderstorm moves in and we sit and watch the rain against the windows, or outward, across the hills.

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