Office Space and the Fight for Supremacy.

Houston 1

Yes, I write science fiction and this blog is dedicated to sci-fi, writing and research, but sometimes Monsters must be included, and today is a good day for it – I have an office and two cats – The two cats are not supposed to be in my office, my office is supposed to be a place of no distraction, yet recently that’s exactly what it has become.

It’s Winter in Australia now, and cats, being smart, know where all the warm spots are. During the day, that warm spot now is in my office, where the heater is. So, in they come. Deeper into Winter, I’ll start lighting the combustion stove in the kitchen, which is right next to my office door, and this particular problem will disappear, but for now, my office is where they want to be.

The old girl, Freyja, is happy to curl up in a washing basket full of clean clothing (another dispute, but not the one I want to talk about today). The young one, though, Houston – as in “Houston, we have a problem” – has decided on my chair.

Let me add emphasis there: ON MY CHAIR.

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