So who let the rest of them out?


Okay, so Sevi not only threw a spanner in the works, she threw in a complete set of tools and the tool box as well. However, she’s not the only character to jump up and give me unexpected strife – I’ve got a bunch of them now.

Each book in The Khekarian Series stands alone, each with a suitable climax and conclusion, that’s true, but each book also continues the tale. So one character that takes on a life of their own to the extent that they effect the plot means ramifications further down the line, too.

This is all actually quite fun. It keeps me on my toes and gives me puzzles to sort through, as if writing the series wasn’t fun enough.

The core plot remains, but the surrounding ones all tug on it in different ways, usually catching me out in one way or another. This is especially true and delightful when it is caused by a character who originally wasn’t there at all, but who manages to so thoroughly influence the surrounding story that, quite frankly, they warp it.

I should point out that they always warp it for the better. Although not obvious at the time of dealing with it, I end up with books that are richer and more in depth than I ever envisaged.

Sevi, of course, as an elite Khekarian soldier, was the first to really challenge me. Once I had her in The Khekarian Threat, without a doubt she was indispensable. The story would now just be plain wrong without her. But, boy, did she keep me on my toes. I had to do things her way or she simply wasn’t the professional I wanted her to be. So I did things her way. Sometimes that caused issues, and (believe it or not) continued to cause issues in book two, The King’s Sacrifice. All dealt with, of course.

I find that the whole process really is delightful. I adore characters that take over and know their stuff. When I listen to what they insist on to be valid, I end up with a gem. I always listen.

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