Living in my Head, and Getting Lost when I go to the Bathroom.


I’m in another world, thinking thoughts and plotting plots, always somewhere in The Khekarian Series. Being busy in my thoughts elsewhere frequently causes me to miss things that are going on in my daily existence. It certainly did not help me much in school. Nowadays I don’t get into trouble for it, which is fortunate, however I do it to such an extent that I bump into the realization in strange ways.

I might be watching a movie and be well into it – yes, enjoying it, too – then I’ll put the thing on pause to go to the bathroom, and while away, I won’t have to foggiest clue what it is I have been watching. Seriously, not a clue. Of course, I’ll pick it up again when I come back into the lounge room, but for that time away, I honestly don’t know.

I even got lost once, following my husband. That was embarrassing. [Continue reading…]