The Need to Write.


I’ve heard it called a disease, and many catch it young – or maybe it’s an addiction that sneaks up on one – I don’t know what it is, but every writer I’m in contact with has the Need to some degree or another.

My day is not complete unless I have written something. By something, I mean manuscript something, blog somethings don’t count and nor do letters or anything else that has to be written out. I’m talking full-blown story telling, whether it’s characterization, dialogue, description, exposition, or even plotting, provided it’s worked out on paper.

I’ve had hugely productive days in other areas and will still feel that I have “done nothing” if my day hasn’t included at least a page or two written.

Writers are always aware of the pressure of time. A book of any size is a major project that cannot be forced. It’s like building a house, only you’re going it alone (or with another in the case of partnership writing). It takes time to get it right and have it grow, and there are so many levels that need keeping an eye on to be sure all is coming along as it should be. So it takes work and dedication.

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