To both Delight and Disappoint


This last weekend, things really opened up for me and I made a tremendous amount of progress on my current project, book 3 in the Khekarian series, The Bastard Line – the problems seem to have all dissolved and I am currently around the halfway mark of a 500-600 page book.

This might not sound so good, given my scheduled date of choice to publish (July), but it is huge when you consider I was only a quarter of the way only a couple of weeks ago and still struggling.

Things are going so well, I am going to run with it – I may not make the chosen publishing date, but I won’t be as far off it as I feared. That’s the delightful news. I can also tell you that I know at this point that I have a good story, as complex and intricate as my previous ones, and it won’t disappoint.

So what is the disappointment I hinted at in the title?

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