Characters who take over – why I love them so.



Some writers don’t like it, some don’t mind it, some enjoy it and others absolutely adore it – I’m one of those who adore it, whenever and however it happens – Yes, I’m back to talking about when characters take over and surprise you.

I’ve worked out what it is I like so much about characters going their own way.

When characters take off and say their own words or do their own thing, it’s unexpected. Heck, I’ve got one character who tells his own jokes, jokes I have never heard before. They’re bad jokes, and often rude, but they make me laugh and they go into the book for that reason. It’s who he is, that’s his character, and to me he lives and breathes.

Interestingly (and I’ve never told you this before), Jim was supposed to be a Bad Guy in the Good Guy group. He was supposed to really dislike Jackie, but he wouldn’t go that way one iota. He secretly adores her and respects her, and most of his verbal challenges (fun stuff) is directed her way.

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