I’m having an enjoyable chat with Writingsprint about crystals in a post of mine from a couple of days ago (links are below), and it has me wondering about the many different ways we revitalize. I like crystals on my desk and different ones by my bed, I find some are vibrant and some are soothing, but I also love the great outdoors and nature, and can find energy in a country drive just looking at sweeping scenes, the earth and the sky – The ocean is another energy-booster for me.

There are many other energizers, too. There’s music, for instance. I love silence and work in a silent house. I also drive in silence. I don’t like television or the radio because both are “uncontrollable” and noisy – but that means when I sit to watch a movie or play some music, I am swept away by the majesty and the strength of sound.

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