Psychic Reading – Nice!


I mentioned yesterday that I was off to a Psychic Fair and learn what may be seen.

It was interesting. Greg and I had separate readings with different readers (there were eleven to choose from) and both our readers saw very much the same thing. I wanted to ask about my writing career, but got sidetracked with future upheavals to do with moving and retirement, about which we were told independently that contacting a financial advisor would be beneficial, that we would learn of opportunities currently unseen, and that things would work out well.

We’ve never had a financial advisor turn up in a reading before, so coming from two different sources, we’ve decided to take heed 🙂 (Rob! Check your email!).

On the subject of writing, I was told to keep at it and that it was my strength (I know that!) and that there’s a lot of good energy around me (I know that, too). 😀

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