When someone or something is missed out… Ooops!


I write in threads and layers, keeping it all balanced for easier reading and flow, so when someone or something is accidentally left out, it means a thread transplant, carrying all the hooks and tendrils (like timeframes) that feed into the surrounding threads, and placing it further along – Landing it takes as much thought, taking into account the new surroundings while paying attention to what is happening upstream and downstream in the thread itself.

Guess what? Yes, I did. That’s exactly what happened just this morning. I had a handful of events in there so, no, not forgotten, except that I woke up at 2:30 this morning with a sneaking suspicion that one of my threads in the manuscript I’m working on (book 3 in the Khekarian series, The Bastard Line) was out of order.

And I knew where and how.

I got up at once, of course, there’s no point leaving things if you know what must be done. I found it at once. I had secured in place events that were in the wrong order but, because of surrounding events, could not merely be swapped about.

Basically a representative had arrived and was in place exactly where he needed to be before it was known that he needed to be sent – That’s the equivalent of giving birth before you’re pregnant.

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