Amended Covers.


Okay, the new title text and back page text are completed and uploaded to Amazon and Kindle and will take up to 24 hours to appear – and that’s the end to a lot of fiddling about and clears up some “meaning-to” jobs that have been hanging over my head for months.

I went for small text in the number in the series line because I was thinking of how the book would look in the hand, not as a thumbnail picture, so although it’s not clear in the thumbnail picture, I believe it was the right way to go. As Greg pointed out to me, I have so many labels and pointers that the books are part of the series, no one should miss it.

Manuscript-wise, I’m making some progress behind the scenes, mainly tromping through Khekarian and Terran officialdom (oh, what joy) and trying to keep it short and sweet and therefore not boring to read.

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