Weekend – Had fun.


It’s Monday here in Australia and I’m not sure I’m “with it” enough to give you much for this morning’s post – I’ll settle for telling you of my weekend – Did I get lots of work done on the writing front?

Actually no. I was kidnapped from my desk – just because – and taken on not one but two impromptu outings, going to Canberra for the entire day on Saturday and then to Goulburn on Sunday.

We started out innocently enough, just popping out to check the mail, then went to the nearest (bigger) town to cash in a small lotto win from the week before ($23 – Yah!) and ended up going all the way into Canberra just because there was a book fair on.

Did I load up on fiction? No, I did not. When in the middle of a major project, particularly when I’m running out of time, I cannot get deeply into someone else’s work – it captures my thinking when I cannot afford to lose it. I go for shorter and faster entertainment, such as movies (I picked up a batch of lighthearted stuff, but haven’t seen any of them yet).

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