Back cover text feedback – Thank You.


Writing the teaser page for a book is (for me) the hardest thing to do and get right, I’m sure it doesn’t help any when the book is 600 pages long with multiple threads and stories and an assortment of main characters to choose from – so this is one area I’ve called on for help, and who better to ask than the writing community I am in – You Guys (I know I haven’t given you a lot of time, but, as usual, I’m in a flaming hurry – my apologies to those who missed out, however the page is still there and your views will still be eagerly read).

A big Thank You, then, to Writingsprint for coming forward and being willing to evaluate my words and give fair and honest assessment. Writingsprint, I have decided to follow your advice on the first cover text and remove the final paragraph (although it doesn’t give away the ending, it does point to events that might be better unexpected).

Greg and I discussed it all in depth last night, looking at why the second two back covers work when the first does not, and taking Writingsprint’s assessment into account.

There are no spoilers over the page and no book quotes.

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