Caffeine Flowing in my Veins.


I’m wide awake and feel fantastic, despite the fact it is 4:00 am (no, not now when I’m posting, then when I was first up) and I intended to sleep in this morning – I put it down to having a surprisingly relaxing day yesterday when I managed to let go completely of all the tension I’ve been working under these past few weeks.

Yes, I did get some writing done. Then I stepped away, enjoyed some beer and played computer games on an iPad which took me out of my office completely and, more importantly, took my thoughts away from my book. It’s very hard to think about plot and action for one group of adventurers when you’re looking for treasure and battling monsters with another set of adventurers. Surviving and earning gold to buy a better weapon than a wooden sword and more protection than travel clothing kind of takes your mind off everything else.

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