A Blinkin’ Busy Week and Weekend, too.


I don’t mind a week that flies by that fast (and this one has really flown), it means I’ve been really busy, but then You Lot already knew I would be – Anyway, the weekends are nice, we can sit up late and catch up with sleep the next morning and all the other great things that happen with weekends – all the while still working away on the manuscript and getting it to where it should have been months ago.

I’m currently trawling through all my individual character and note files with the intention of gradually hollowing them out and seeing all the good stuff end up where it was always meant to be, in the manuscript (of course).

It’s a bit daunting in some of those files. There are lots of bits. It’s the whole scenes I’m after, but I am discovering that some of those are pretty old. Some are years old. That means a rewrite is necessary on them. There was always going to be a polish-up done there, as well as all the work needed to plug them seamlessly into the story, but I’m talking here the need for a deeper operation.

I was secretly hoping for a treasure trove of wonderful stuff already done. Oh, silly me. Never mind. It’s all part of it.

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