Laying Out the Bones


Time to get radical. I’ve been hovering around the 130 page mark far for too long (moving things, changing things, fighting with things and ripping out things), the page count has ebbed and flowed like the tide – problem is it’s a book not a beach, and the page count would be fine if I was aiming for a 300 page novel, but I’m not, I’m looking at twice that.

Last weekend I surged forward and the page count currently sits at over 160 pages with no turning back. I’ve done my slash-and-burn. However, that doesn’t slow the clock down any, so it’s time to get a wriggle on – for those who aren’t familiar with the expression, it means I need to get moving.

I normally like to work with a clean area, but it’s time to open all my working files and lift over everything I have. I need to lay out all the pieces – all the bones of the story – nice and neat and in order, and have a look at what I’ve got and what is missing.

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