Wot? EVERY character out of whack?


Yes, it’s true – that’s what I discovered last week (before things started coming together) – I had been writing posts about characterization and the importance of setting scenes and circumstances against which those characters operate, or react, whatever – Funnily enough, it’s frequently not until you explain something that you see it clearly yourself – There I was, having a continuing set of hassles with EVERY character of Book 3 and WHAT pops up?

Yes! You got it! Facts and figures, setting and circumstances! That’s what one of the problems was. Not plot at all. Not my mind going. Not burn-out. Not lack of imagination. I’d thrown the entire cast of characters into the deep end. Not as a group, either, but individually, and then wondered why I was having issues with each and every one of them.

Of course they were out of whack. I had managed to divide every single character from their normal lives and expectations.

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