Not sure if I jumped the hurdles or crashed through them.


Okay, time for a positive update because you’ve all been so patient and you’ve heard enough about the various delays in the creation of book 3 – I know facts and figures aren’t really important, you just want to see the end product or know that it will be out by the promised date, so I’ll keep things tidy and to the point – Yes, it’s all looking promising once again.

Some of the issues surprised me – more on that tomorrow – the important thing is that I managed to see the multiple What that was going on and work my way through all of them.

Having sorted my way clear there, I then turned my attention to the rest of the story and solved the rest of the Who, What, Where and Why.

Just in the sorting process alone, I feel I have jumped ahead about three months. It’s a very nice feeling.

Facts and figures follow – this may not look like much to some, and look an enormous amount to others, I shall have to take my chances on how you see it. 😀

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