Procrastination? Trick yourself into your own manuscript!


This does not apply to me at the moment, of course, I am in fact extremely busy – but I have been known to drag my feet a little when it comes to getting into my manuscript – sometimes for days – More than once I have finally climbed in there to sit and read or poke with things, only to wish I had started much earlier, say, in the morning rather than last thing at night because – hey – it’s going great and I’m actually enjoying myself!

That’s the frustrating bit, the wasted time not getting in there when it turns out to be fun.

Procrastination is bad at the best of times, but when things end up going beautifully (and you might have missed out), you feel like you’ve been cheated as well!

So, since realizing that, I have learned to trick myself in there if necessary. The writers amongst you will know where I am coming from. You might even do the same and you might possibly have a better range of tricks than I do, in which case, please do share!

Here’s what I do:

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