Getting into waffle-zone.


Blog posting. Gosh – Usually I sort out what I want to say the afternoon before and have the basics written out, but occasionally I’ll put together something I’m very happy with on the day itself with only minutes to spare – It happens, I think of something and I write it and it’s done – only, of course, it’s not always so precise.

I’m in busy-mode at the moment with book 3, so my mind is there all the time. I carry a notepad (a large one) and pen with me at all times and keep it by the bedside overnight.

That basically means I’m not thinking about blogging. I realize, however, that although I posted notification that things might be light in here for a time, not everyone who comes along will realize it, so it is possible that a reminder is warranted every now and then, or – better still – that a good post gets posted!

Hmmm… not sure that this one counts for that (no, I’ve changed my mind – I know it doesn’t count for that), but at least it isn’t a non-post.

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