Picking up!


Okay, things are moving forward, and that’s both very good and very important to me because, as many of you are aware, I have slipped behind a little in my writing schedule for book 3 of the Khekarian series – mainly due to unforeseen circumstances – This is not a huge concern just yet, I am merely aware of the situation.

Just in the last few days, however, I’m happy to report that things have picked up. I have decided to take advantage of this fortuitous flow of energy and run with it, channeling it mostly into the manuscript. My intention is to get ahead once again. Getting ahead and staying ahead really is the better place to be, as I’m sure you all know.

What all this means for you, alas, is that I will put a little less time into writing my daily posts and exploring Blogsville, at least for the time being.

I will still post on a daily basis, and I will try and keep my meanderings and ponderings interesting, or at least entertaining.

I will also, of course, endeavor to keep up with everyone.

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