Tweaking my Kindles


This is not really a good post subject (it’s not really even interesting), but I’m still on a “quiet blogging weekend”, so I have nothing better for you than to acknowledge and share that I needed minor upgrades – so I tweaked my Kindles.

No, no, not the actual Kindles, just my links here on this blog – Here I was thinking I had everything nice and neat and sorted out – Wrong! – I have now tweaked my sticky post to give a DIRECT LINK to Amazon and Kindle (my “Mature Readers” post at the top of the page), to make it easier for people to find their way, and have also added the inclusion of the word KINDLE under the clickable cover pictures in the right hand margin.

How could I have left that out! Yes, I know I mentioned Kindle in that section, but it really does help to have an actual reference in the actual direction to the actual link, yes? I thought so, too.

Big apologies to all who either didn’t know I had published Kindle copies, and/or found it difficult to navigate to where they could get a copy.

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