Bringing in the past without wrecking the story that came before.


Tricky! One of the issues with a series is keeping the relevant information flowing without upsetting past storylines, various surprises and/or spoiling the climaxes that have come in the books before – It probably doesn’t much matter for those readers following the series, book by book, but what about those who choose not to read the books in order?

This is where it really becomes vital that each book truly stands alone.

I didn’t think about any of this when that first concept of a book expanded into a series. One book. Many books. Sounded great (it is great). I did realize early on that I didn’t want to produce a serial where a story just goes on and on with no ending (where the only way out is to kill everybody – on television, you know that’s when the money and/or the ideas have run out).

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