NYAAAGH! 26 pages cut from my life – That HURT!


At least it feels like my life – That whole character-lack-of-motivation thing got me and I needed to ditch that entire thread and come in with something stronger, more vital and no mistaking anyone’s feelings on the matter.

It worked.

Good, right?


The downside is, due to total lack of equal pacing, the operation has unraveled EVERY connection I had between ALL threads and chapters. Yes, it’s that bad. No, I’m not exaggerating.

The bits are all there, it’s just a bunch of pieces…

You want blow-by-blow description of a writer’s life? Here it is. This is a blow. 8,500 words pulled, but giving a domino effect. I expected one thread gone, leaving two still entwined with a gap running through them – the holes where the third must intertwine. I didn’t expect it to fall apart!

Basically, the shorter, sharper route upset the other time-frames, not just leaving them out of sync between themselves, but at different lengths, too, which is why the whole balance is gone in more ways than one.

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