Why I don’t give away the plot.


This is for Beth*, a lady I know, a lovely friend of mine who doesn’t like to know the plot ahead of time, who doesn’t even like to read the teaser page on the back of a book, she wants the whole thing to be a surprise – Before she told me that, I didn’t know that some people value a book to that extent, that any example would spoil the reading experience for them – and I have respected that ever since.

So, apart from telling you I write science fiction and that the Khekarian series is an adventure, with some erotica, graphic sex, coarse language, violence and – not forgetting what annoys some people – societies that accept psychic reality, the only way you’re going to know any details is to look at the samples I have listed. They’ll be found in the side menu to the right, or from the drop-down menu. I have the first four and a half chapters from book 1, and other sections from book 1 and 2 – so they are there, but they do not intrude into the blog itself.

I did toy with the idea of popping in a section of prose every now and then, but dismissed the notion when I realized that although some would enjoy it, for many it is not why they visit my blog. More importantly, for a valuable few, it would spoil things immeasurably.

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