Fiddly little bits.


It’s great! Not only have I had a chance to clearly see my work so far (on book 3), I’ve had the chance to tidy up a lot of fiddly little detail that needed looking at but had remained lost to me in the earlier draft – stuff I had at the back of my mind listed under “Oh, yeah, I must deal with that”, now dealt with.

The rest is looking pretty good so far, too, and I expect to be able to sweep through with some big advances, putting in heaps of things already written and ready to go, just awaiting the right place to slip into. I’m looking forward to that for the simple reason that my page count will jump up and look much healthier.  😀 Those same things aren’t in there now because I wanted to keep my work area clear. If I put in the stuff too early, I spend a great deal of time shuffling it around until it finds the correct place, which wastes a lot of time, so it’s much easier to keep it out of the way until needed.

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