It Slices, it Dices – How Many Books in the Series, again?


The ‘basic set’ was going to be three books – I say ‘basic set’ because, while each book has its own story and climax, the overriding story also is heading to a climax – then one toss away line delivered by Ialle (about how he got the scar on his face) developed into a story that just had to be told, and in came book 2 – a total surprise to me.

Half of what was intended remained (Mij and her story), while the other half shuffled over to book 3 to mix with another new addition (Va’el and his development), so all is well and gives four books in total.

Only… it doesn’t. Why not? Well the initial story, when it was one book, focused on the good guy/bad guy situation and the clash between them. The lovely knot I have planned is still there and waiting and will play out in book 4, but so much else has evolved, including the power play back at the Khekarian Core and the hunt for ultimate power at the Terran planet of Zumaridi with its alien-natives, the Jshi. Suddenly there is much more to tell, namely and what happens with those mysterious interdimensional beings and how Zumaridi fits into the scheme of things.

So four books have now become five. But wait – there’s more.

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