First day back and Zzzzzzz… (But my mind is on Va’el).


Yep, I confess, I slept through most of it – I showed willing, though, and started off at my desk waiting for inspiration to strike – well, not so much inspiration as energy, since thoroughly poisoning myself with food additives over the Christmas holidays, I’ve had zilch energy, but at least I’m back on my feet and I can cross the room without needing a rest for it – That was for those who haven’t been following recently, so, enough of the sick talk, let me tell you instead what I need to do today, manuscript-wise, without giving anything away.

There are a couple of events that play out through the plot of the book I am working on, and I recently reversed the order of their commencement. I also write in threads, usually weaving three at a time together so that readers follow a handful of perspectives at any one time. It is one of these threads that I need to unpick and rearrange.

The result will be a faster beginning and the sooner onset of the first “event”.

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