Up and… kinda crawling… but at least I don’t have my slippers on back-to-front.


Vast improvement – yesterday was the last day I got out of bed only to sit and recover from getting out of bed (yes it was that bad) I’m now playing it super-safe and will no doubt get healthier as a result – I’ve gone back a century or more on diet – Yep, that’s it, food-wise, I’m following my great-grandmother’s ways – if I have to chop it, wash it or peel it, it’s probably okay – all packets, all instant and all food additives are OUT, as are breads and other starches.

It was a massive blow-out on tolerance and I still don’t fully understand it. I identified the initial culprits, suffered for an entire week wheezing and hacking, then had one bowl of one-pan dinner (which didn’t have those additives) and that threw me back under the bus. I’ve been tiptoeing ever since, surviving on water, a single coffee, a piece of capsicum or cheese and decongestant. That’s it. Even the wine is gone.  😦

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