My New Year’s Resolution? Easy-peasy!


Much more fun and happiness (Yep, as simple as that) Success comes from those thing – any fool can spend his or her time looking at what they don’t have and haven’t achieved and feeling miffed about it, but focusing back there will keep you back there, and if that is not what you want, then – hey – look ahead to what you DO want and sing and dance and rejoice as though it is already there and yours to call your own – That’s creation.

Call me nuts if you want to, but seriously, you have to see success in order to attract and harvest success. Those who say they can’t, can’t. Those who say they can, can. What you have to do is decide which of those you want and focus your thoughts in that direction. However you feel about that and whatever you see, there’s a decision behind it somewhere.

So, good luck with where you want to go, I’ll go where I want to go, and wherever we end up, we’ll at the very least be healthier for deciding on having fun along the way.

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