LAST DAY! The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle (Day Five).


Raoul soon learns that it’s not just about Aleisha and he can’t just walk away – Stephen and the two Khekarians have caught one of the elusive alien-natives of Zumaridi and if they hand that specimen over to Khekarian forces, it’s over for the war, it’s over for the peaceful Chiddran, and it’s over for the Terran Sector, too, because the Khekarians will take and dominate everything and everyone – Without warning, Raoul and his civilian crew become the only ones who can keep a balance of power in the galaxy, but they’ll have to take down Sevi, confront Sturn and steal back the prized alien-native to do it.

Please notes, if you have missed any of the last four days while the giveaway had been on, I’ve grouped all the snippets I’ve used together at the bottom, listed by day.

The Khekarian Threat is a sci-fi adventure in a colonizing world, with a touch of occult, erotica, sex, violence, humor and coarse language, going out free on Kindle up until the last minute of Jan 1st 2014. Grab it while you can.

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