The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle – Day Three.


Charlie is the only one Aleisha can turn to, the elderly goods supervisor who befriended her on her arrival to the pioneering world, but he soon finds the limits of the law also – Charlie isn’t going to give up easily, however, and calls in the best of the teams he knows, bringing in Raoul and his crew to see what they can do – Raoul, meanwhile, wants nothing to do with the situation because generally what results is a team-war – (By the way, I’ll add all these storyline snippets together into one on the last day of this giveaway to clarify what the book is about for any who have missed a day or so).

The Khekarian Threat is a sci-fi adventure in a colonizing world, with a touch of occult, erotica, sex, violence, humor and coarse language, going out free on Kindle up until the last minute of Jan 1st 2014. Grab it while you can.

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