The Khekarian Threat – FREE on Kindle – Day Two.


Limited in their jurisdiction, the local police can’t help Aleisha escape from the Khekarians who claim to own her, but she can’t just run away, either – she has a teleporter locked onto her wrist and that means she can be brought back to the team should she try it – on top of that, Sevi, Sturn’s elite soldier bodyguard is keeping a close eye on her, and it’s frightening what that woman can do – Soon they will leave the Terran Sector and take her with them, back to the heart of a savage alien Empire.

The Khekarian Threat is a sci-fi adventure in a colonizing world, with a touch of occult, erotica, sex, violence, humor and coarse language. It’s also a big book, the paperback has 590 pages of story.

The Khekarian Threat is going out free on Kindle up until the last minute of Jan 1st 2014. Grab it while you can.

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