I’m not afraid to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I’m sure I’m not the only one to see people afraid to use the word “Christmas” in fear they might offend someone – There are many religions in the world and many holidays and religious holidays, and here and now it is Christmas time in many countries, and that deserves respect and acknowledgement – Yet in today’s world, I see people tiptoeing in pointless shame and nonsensical politically induced guilt as though being Christian in a Christian country is a bad thing, all to appease the activists in our midst (yes, those same people who despise humanity in all it’s forms and see us as a blight upon the Earth and who, interestingly enough, do not believe in God anyway – That’s right, Political Correctness has become a tool of Socialism and God is on the hit-list).

There is no other religion anywhere in the world where its followers have been forced into a position where many are afraid to speak of their own faith to their own fellow-believers in their own-religion countries. Respecting other religions is a wonderful thing, but do not denigrate your own to “prove” your respect for others, for there is no respect at all if you do not include your own in the equation.

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