Christmas Eve and a Quiet Day for me, I think.


Today here in Australia, it’s Christmas Eve – I slept in this morning having stayed up until midnight last night playing computer games with Greg (its wonderful not having to watch the clock), and today is going to be more of a slow-moving, get-ready-for-tomorrow sort of day – Being relatively quiet people, we’ve planned a day at home, but everything is pretty well ready, all stocks are in and in good order.

We are not having the traditional sort of meal, but there will be roast meat, and that means cold leftovers later (love leftovers – something to grab, nothing to prepare), some salad, and we’ll go pretty lightly on everything else.

Sadly for me, our idea of a “treat” this year backfired, so Greg inherits all the biscuits (cookies), bread and most of the chocolate. I got a bad reaction when we dived into some decadence the weekend prior to his holidays, then again two days later, thus identifying the culprit as starch, I don’t dare indulge again (one sandwich costs me an entire day). It simply is not worth it. Greg will take it easy, though, because he can get bad reactions, too, but so far he is holding his own.

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