Early notification – FREE Sci-fi Between Christmas and New Year.


Okay – no looking at old posts this weekend – Instead, with Christmas coming up, I want everyone aware as early as possible that I’m putting up my first big fat sci-fi “The Khekarian Threat” as a Kindle freebie right in the middle of Christmas and New Year – I’m doing this for several reasons, primarily I don’t want it out there ahead of Christmas, competing with a billion distractions while everyone is busy getting their preparations and last minute shopping in, and secondly, I thought it would be nice to have it available for those who want to find something extra (as a gift from me to you) after all the fuss has died down a bit and we’re all in the lying-on-the-sofa-totally-stuffed-out mode.

Because of that lost-amongst-the-celebrations timing, from here to then, I will be pointing out the give-away fairly regularly, but likely as a tack-on to my usual posts and ramblings. So please don’t be put off by that, not everyone comes in every day or even once a week, and I want everyone to know.

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