Not today, Dear, I have a headache.


Some days are later than others, some days are slower than others, and some days are plain busier than others – I still have some official documents I need to locate from the UK and Australia (so I can get an up to date Australian passport so I can prove I’m not a resident of the USA, so I can get the appropriate IRS tax number, so I can apply for US tax exemption, so I can freaking well get paid and not pay 30% in tax to the USA and then full tax in Australia as well – Don’t Ask) – Christmas is coming up and I’m not organized for that either, I’m also trying to master the art of writing a teaser page (I want to rework the text on the back of books one and two – I just know they can be better – and I’ve yet to work out the one for book three) – there’s a free promotion coming up for my first book (not sure to run that the week before or the week after Christmas – might be after to give something to the folks who are looking around after the fuss is over) – plus blogging, of course, and sometimes I feel I’m slipping behind in the manuscript because lately my mind has simply had to be elsewhere.

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

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