An Aberration of Thought (Ooops!)


Yesterday, I blogged a handful of questions in a should-I/shouldn’t-I search for direction as I contemplated popping up a bit of In-Yer-Face Fiction every now and then – Thank you, everyone – Every single response I got painted a bigger picture on the idea and showed to me wider concerns and issues that I had not foreseen – You wonderful people really did help me see and decide.

The biggest consideration was what I expect from this blog now and what other people expect, too. It’s been going awhile now, and I like to think that the people who come here are comfortable with how things are. Why mess with that? Quite simply, I love this blog the way it is, myself. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as the saying goes.

I believe I have the right sort of balance, and my snippets and chapters from books one and two are free to read already, right here on this blog if people want to. There are links all over the place (from the dropdown menu and in the right hand margin).

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