Serious questions for you. Please assist.


I always invite people to read my work, I never push – for instance, I have the first few chapters of my first book listed in the right hand menu (also available from the dropdown menu) and other sections from both the first and the second book which I will occasionally link to in posts so readers can pop over and have a look if that is what they would like to do – Now ever since I started blogging, I’ve been reading through other blogs and have come across various pieces of writing just out there as a post (not linked to, not introduced, just there).

Normally these will grab me or not, as the case may be. Not all are my type of fiction. Not all are brilliant. But occasionally I’ll find a piece that truly stands out and I find I am captivated. That usually leads to me following that blog and becoming a regular.

How many times do I follow a link to look at someone’s work? I’m ashamed to say, not often. There’s no offense meant there, the simple reason is that when I am writing, I really don’t want my own flow to be disrupted by someone else’s style. So, had these excellent writers put up a post and told me about it, then supplied a link, I might not have followed it and I would have missed out on some very fine writing (which, incidentally, have not disrupted my style at all).

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