Did you disappear as spam???


Now that I’m with it (early this Tuesday in Australia), I feel I can start my week properly – yes, I am late, I often don’t count Mondays (not a bad thing, it shortens the week), but I actually had a good day yesterday and even managed to get some writing done – and today I am with it enough to take a look around, which (oddly enough) brings up the subject of spam -Yes, I peeked in my spam bin again and I can tell you, it’s not a pretty sight, so I thought I should put out another “Did you disappear?” post to notify anyone who has commented but failed to have it show up that such things happen automatically and it’s not me on a rampant rejection spree.

I don’t often look in the spam bin – not only is there a lot of junk in there, but there’s a lot of confusing things in there, too, including a few posts cleverly disguised (or maybe not) as legit posts.

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