CANNOT appreciate Political Horror Sci-fi.

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I had a shocking thought today, that some people think this way about ALL science fiction , worse, they expect this with ALL science fiction, so I have to make this absolutely clear – and excuse me while I get shouty for a bit – I CANNOT read and WILL NOT write “Aren’t-we-an-awful-species” anti-human propaganda – Sorry, guys, I simply am not into “Let-me-show-you-how-bad-the-world-is-in-a-political-sense” sci-fi – It’s the very sci-fi I hated as a child and the very sci-fi that sent me into the world determined to write better (happier) sci-fi!

I am sure I’m not the only one to think the future will be a better place.

For years our fears have been that “things are getting worse”. Every generation since the 1800s has been taught that our future is going to be bad and it’s down hill from here on in. It doesn’t help if writers encourage it. It doesn’t have to pass from generation to generation, yet we as a species we seem to insist on doing it! Some people in our world today are doing their best to perpetuate that fear and to make such a negative prophesy come true, and they have brought much destruction and human misery – all of it pointless – but that still doesn’t mean we have to believe we have reached our height as human beings or that we have to accept that wonderful times are no longer ahead.

Yes, yes, I know, my own sci-fi has issues and challenges, of course it does – I even have a massive war going on between the Khekarians and the Chiddran – but I am not in the human-caused-this-or-that-doom-and-gloom of it, nor the hatred of it, and will never settle into the “Aren’t-we-awful!” type of story.

Frankly, that’s not fun. Not only is it not fun, I don’t want to go there. I especially don’t want to take you there. So, don’t come to me looking for doom-and-gloom. I don’t write dystopian science fiction!

I write about individuals and their strengths, from high places and low. Not necessarily heroes, any of them, but they have a sense of humor, they have loves and hates and worries and fears. They have goals and ambitions. I write escapism and adventure, yes, with sad bits and painful bits and bloody rough bits, yes, there has to be challenges, but you won’t find any trace of the “Let’s-hate-ourselves-some-more” sort.

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