Gotta Keep Going!

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We writers are a weird breed, we are so tied into what we do, we are not happy creatures unless we produce something every day – and I don’t mean blogging – there is a sense of wasted time or, worse, a wasted life unless something is written and some character or plot has grown.

The answer seems obvious. Write something. We all get mired in some part of our projects, so the trick seems to be to write something else. Each story has length, so if you’re momentarily stuck in one section, go work on another. If that doesn’t work for you, there’s always another story – something, somewhere, it will make you feel that you’ve got something done.

Sometimes I blog by sitting down and just writing something – rambling mainly until a theme takes charge, then I hone it down and end up with something to say. The same can be done in your writing. Sometimes just the action of writing out a sentence or a paragraph can be enough to start the ball rolling. Many a time I’ve wanted to capture that one sentence, only to end up with pages. It’s a great feeling. That’s also why I get up in the middle of the night if those words are forming because I just know it will keep going.

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