Okay, okay – apart from Va’el and Sevi…

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I’ve been jabbering on about Sevi and Va’el so much because I expect them to be loads of fun and absolutely explosive – that is, once ten year-old Va’el, bastard son of a bastard son of an emperor, and a tantrum-throwing brat (Va’el, not the emperor), can figure out how to tackle Sevi, an elite soldier of the Khekarian Imperial Armed Forces, a veritable killing machine with high intelligence and a high level of control – but can she cope with Va’el?

Whoops, there I go again – see how much they distract me and draw my attention? I’m talking about them once more.

Okay, okay. As you know I am working on book three of the Khekarian series (The Bastard Line), and you well know by now that Sevi and Va’el will be a fun combination that, hopefully, you are looking forward to reading. But what else is going on in the story? It’s not just about them, right?


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