Spot the Kangaroo!


(No, not in this picture – the next one) The road we traveled changed from a bitumen highway to a dirt one as we explored other routes through the hills on New South Wales – I had taken dozens of shots when I caught a glimpse of a dozen kangaroos bounding across the paddock (exactly the sort of camera shot I was after), except that the camera had automatically turned itself off and took a moment to get it active again – by which time the entire group had scattered out of sight.

As we followed the road curving around the side of the hill, we saw them again and I took a few wildly hopeful shots. They were moving so fast and I was totally unable to see anything in the viewfinder, but I thought it worth a go.

When I looked at the shots I had taken, the hills were bare – except for one photo. See if you can spot the kangaroo in the photo below.

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